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2020 Mar 23 - Ángeles M. Pomata, Dwelling Out Of Timepainting Ángeles M. Pomata, “Dwellling Out of Time”

Enough is enough. Go home and stay home.
This is what we all need to be doing.

—Prime Minister Justin Trudeau

Today the Prime Minster chided all Canadians who are blatantly defying orders to stay home.

“We’ve all seen the pictures online of people who seem to think they’re invincible. Well, you’re not,” he said emphatically.

He made it crystal clear that his government is out of patience with those who are ignoring advice to stay home. Their selfish actions are increasing the risks of spreading COVID-19 to their families, friends and in the community.

My heartfelt response to Canadians and all fellow citizens of this world, “Is it not our ‘civic duty’ to do what we can to flatten the curve??”


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2020 Mar 16 - Margaux Rebourcet, hand sanitizer and counter top
painting Margaux Rebourcet

Today, Canada closes its borders.
Canadians abroad were called to come home.
Schools, restaurants and non-essential businesses are closed.

The Dow Jones lost almost 13%, the biggest one day drop since the stock market crash of 1987.

Canada’s chief public health officer Dr. Theresa Tam regularly tweets about the importance of:

  • Frequent hand washing
  • Coughing and sneezing into your elbow
  • Avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth

Who would have ever thought that the generic statement, wash your hands, chided to us by our mothers would someday be one of the most important messages we are told to help save our lives and the lives of others?


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#stay healthy

Black-Shoe 2Image: Instagram