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photo  美撒郭

Imagine meeting someone who understood even the dustiest corners of your mixed-up soul.
— Unknown

Such a deep and powerful quote…
could that “someone” actually be me?

Continuing to explore the dustiest corners of my soul via my Enneagram journey.
Learning to understand who I am and offer myself the gift of self-friendship,
as I grow in self-awareness and discover my authentic self.
— J.



2017-feb-26-heather-hrton-ghosts-in-the-sunHeather Horton, “Ghosts in the Sun”

I always find beauty in an unmade bed
especially one caressed by the sun.
The creases and folds that had earlier enveloped one’s body and soul
become a highlighted reminder that when we rise each new day
we leave behind the dishevelled and messy layer of yesterday.
— J.

#life reflection

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