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Michael de Adder

Excerpts from my diary:

April 23/18 –
Today it finally arrived! Our first warm, sunny day – the one that we Torontonians had all been longing for. Unfortunately, I found myself buried in my office madly working away. But my #1 goal was to finish up as soon as possible, so I could get outside for a walk and soak up some of that glorious sunshine.
Not far from me, fellow Torontonians were thinking and doing the same, unaware of the horrific tragedy that was about to play out.
Just before 1:30 p.m. – a day filled with warmth and sunshine suddenly turned cold and dark, very dark.
A white van turned weapon began its murderous trip down Yonge Street on a killing rampage. Seven minutes later, 10 people were dead and 16 more injured. A major thoroughfare in our city had become a killing zone and the carnage forever etched in the minds of dozens of witnesses, police officers, first responders, families, friends and colleagues of the victims.

April 6/18 –
A tragic crash in Saskatchewan between a bus carrying the Humboldt Broncos junior hockey team and a transport truck carrying peat moss leaves 15 people dead and 14 injured, most of whom were young players.
Lives tragically cut short and futures gone.
This devastating news hit Canadians deep in their core and left us broken. Shockwaves of grief and sorrow pulsed through the entire country.
*April 11/18 – athletic therapist, Dayna Brons, injured in team bus crash dies

April 26/18 –
Today, three days after the April 23rd van attack in Toronto, Michael de Adder published the above cartoon. Two young boys, one wearing a green and yellow Humboldt Broncos jersey and the other a blue and white Toronto Maple Leafs sweater, sit arm-in-arm, tenderly comforting each other.

His drawing struck a chord with me, as it did with many. I found that it beautifully depicted, in a way no words ever could, the outpouring support that we as Canadians have for each other…Canadians “stick” together and we will overcome together.

Thank you Michael de Adder for your heartfelt expression of what loving your neighbour/fellow Canadian truly looks and feels like.

The greatest artist is one who expresses what is felt by everybody.
— Anagarika Govinda


Image: twitter




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