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photo Sandrine Zondervan

When you recognzie that this life is yours, and that it is your one and only,
and when that seeps directly into your bones, and you recognize that this is it.
AJ Leon, Former Wall Street Broker
from the film, “Minimalism: A Documentary About the Important Things”

No longer will the stuff of life hold me back from appreciating the life I have
and experiencing it to the fullest.
— J.


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photo  美撒郭

Imagine meeting someone who understood even the dustiest corners of your mixed-up soul.
— Unknown

Such a deep and powerful quote…
could that “someone” actually be me?

Continuing to explore the dustiest corners of my soul via my Enneagram journey.
Learning to understand who I am and offer myself the gift of self-friendship,
as I grow in self-awareness and discover my authentic self.
— J.