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2017-feb-26-heather-hrton-ghosts-in-the-sunHeather Horton, “Ghosts in the Sun”

I always find beauty in an unmade bed
especially one caressed by the sun.
The creases and folds that had earlier enveloped one’s body and soul
become a highlighted reminder that when we rise each new day
we leave behind the dishevelled and messy layer of yesterday.
— J.

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Black-Shoe 2Image:

photo Juan Pablo Tavera

Your words were cold and calculated.
With meticulous precision you peirced them into me,
one at a time, showing no mercy
leaving behind fridgid splinters of your brokeness, not mine.
I was vulnerable, unprepared, not properly dressed
and had no protection.
You took advantage of me,
of our relationship
of my charity
but never again will you do so.

— J.










Interior Strandgade 30, 1901

The work of Vilhelm Hammershøi brings a deep sense of peace and contentment.
A solitary woman seen only from the back evokes mystery and intrigue.
Empty rooms filled with light hold back darkness and gloom.
Each painting creates a space of clarity and calm
where minds are still and souls are at peace.
— J.


2017-feb-5-vilhelm-hammershoi-dust-motes-dancing-in-the-sunbeams-1900Dust Motes Dancing in Sunbeams, 1900

2017-feb-5-vilhelm-hammershoi-ida-in-an-interiorIda in an Interior, 1904

2017-feb-5-vilhelm-hammershoi-interior-with-two-candles-1904Interior with Two Candles, 1904

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