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He watched for you every day
from the confines of his small, concrete, oceanview balcony.
His empty world created by success and personal achievements
was broken and barred by the pain of a fractured relationship.
He was a prisoner, slowly wasting away.

But you, you were alive and free.

Unlike him, you were thriving.
The beach was your endless avenue
its unobstructed view had no limitations.
Your bare feet, unrestricted, caressed the soft sand with each step
and your clothing gently enveloped you without tension.
You traveled light
You were uninhibited and free.

He called you, “Dreamer” and he looked for you every day.

— J.


2016-nov-6-girl-by-the-sea-5-adeline-spenglerphotos Adeline Spengler

Black-Shoe 2

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