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You think that you’re more important than anyone else
But you’re not.
It’s just another one of your narcissistic delusions
And the truth is that you’re just a pawn, too.
— J.

2016-sep-pawn-2“The Megalomania”, Victoria Ivanova

Black-Shoe 2

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2016 Sep - Fear #3
Your insidious lies imprison me,
shrinking my world,
isolating my soul.

2016 Sep - Fear #2
You tell me over and over again that there’s now way out.
And that nothing can ever set me free.

2016 Sep - Fear #4

Francesca Woodman, From Space, 1976 © Betty and George Woodman NB: No toning, cropping, enlarging, or overprinting with text allowed.
You revel in the idea that all my dreams will fade away – lost forever because of you.
And that I will remain your prisoner, languishing without hope,
trapped in my head by all your fabricated negative thoughts.

— J.

2016 Sep - Fear #1

Black-Shoe 2
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